Workpoint: unique and intriguing formats

With over 200 entertainment programs produced in Thailand over the last 32 years and exported to various international markets, Workpoint offers unique and intriguing formats with a twist. ‘Our strength has always been fun and creativity. We create programs with a twist and, of course, we have our differential identity,’ began Dhanasak Hoonarak, Chief Business Development Officer, Workpoint Entertainment Group in an interview to Prensario.


And he exemplified about that twist in their formats: ‘We can turn normal food shows into an interesting game show like Who Is My Chef?. Or singing shows in one of the mysterious and fun singing game shows in The Wall Duet, adapted in 10 markets. Both include riddles but with different elements in each of them. This and more has made us an interesting choice among Asian growers that buyers want to partner with.”

The Wall Duet Brazil and Secret Duets Holland (where there is a possible second season) are two recent adaptations, with new ones on the way. “We are focused on unique and intriguing formats. They are fun and can travel the world. With shows with a strong structure and unique pattern, like The Wall Duet, we have new opportunities in many more territories. This is the right time to expand globally.”

“In 2022, we launched a new magic competition format called Magic Wars, where superstars train to become talented magicians with impressive shows. Others to come include Sport7, Tower of Love, Fake Lovers and The Winning Number. With them we seek to reach sales in untapped territories,’ continued Hoonarak:

The executive indicated that he has offers to co-develop big player formats. ‘The trend is for the East to meet the West developing ideas together. Not only expanding our formats to new territories, but also looking for potential clients to become partners to co-create originals. This year we aim to visit more markets in SEA, Asia, MENA, Latin America and Europe’, he concluded.

Founded in 1986, Workpoint Group was a highly functional independent TV content production company that has grown into a multimedia corporation, now operating Thailand’s leading digital television channel, Workpoint Channel. It has produced 200 creative entertainment programs for television in various genres, including game shows, variety, talent and family, paranormal reality, comedy, drama and thriller, and sports. His shows have been nominated four times for International Emmy Awards and twice for International Children’s Emmy Awards for Generation Gap (2009), Gang of Gags (2010), War of Science (2012), Super Fan (2017), The Mask Singer (2018) and The Baby Boss (2019). So far, it has licensed 46 shows (formats and finished shows) in 17 countries, including The Fan in UK (2010) and Sweden (2012), The Band in Peru (2013).

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