Ukrainian industry promotes key shows at LA Virtual Screenings 2022

Ukrainian Content. Global Cooperation (UC.GC) initiative presents five leading media companies of Ukraine at LA Virtual Screenings (LAVS) that takes place on June 7-16, 2022. 

UC.GC is the joint initiative of key Ukrainian media companies aiming to enhance the collaboration of the Ukrainian audiovisual industry globally for a better future. At LAVS 2022 Starlight Media, 1+1 media, Ukraine TV Channels, FILM.UA Group and UA: PBC (Suspilne Media) are offering outstanding productions including comedy, detective and war serials and documentaries. 

Kateryna Udut, CEO of MRM, organizer of the UC.GC, explained: ‘Ukrainian content is forthcoming for its wide international recognition yet, but we believe our stories will win hearts and minds in various territories. We aim both to strengthen the business ties and share the narratives about Ukraine and Ukrainians, from the inner perspective’. 

‘We want to be introduced to the people worldwide not only through the war optics but through culture, history, and current everyday life – this is all our content is about. We are grateful to our yearly partner, Prensario International, for the constant support in providing excellent media coverage for the Ukrainian content industry and our initiatives in particular’, she completed. 

Ukrainian content featuring at LAVS includes UA: PBC – Suspilne Media’s documentary Collapse. How Ukrainians Destroyed The Evil Empire (2021), a political thriller telling about Ukraine’s withdrawal from the USSR and the role of the Ukrainians in its collapse

Also, FILM.UA Group series There Will Be People (2020) that is built in the form of a saga depicting the turbulent periods of the beginning of the 20th century through the eyes of ordinary people: the First World War, the revolution, and the emergence of the Soviet regime. 

Starlight Media’s war drama Mother, which is a hit TV series about a female doctor trying to save her son from captivity in Donbas during the 2014 war conflict. From Ukraine TV Channels is the detective short series The Evil Doctrine (2021) about a psychoanalyst and a detective being haunted by someone or something inexplicable and trying to stop it before it destroys them.

Lastly, the sitcom from 1+1 media Romeo and Juliet from Cherkasy (2021, sitcom) is a reinvention of William Shekpair’s play in the TV series format in the context of modern life in Ukraine.

Key materials about the Ukrainian content industry to learn the capabilities, products, and services of the companies can be found in the catalogue (https://2lyk.short.gy/ukrainiancatalogue) and here (https://2lyk.short.gy/UAservicesandcooperation)

LAVS, designed by Prensario International, is the first online major venue for the global content industry providing the best programming from worldwide distributors to international acquisition executives from more than 125 countries. Since June 7, buyers, producers and distributors from around the world will be able to register for free (www.virtualscreenings.com/registration) and enter the platform to watch content, panels, conference, insight & data, rankings and strategic information about the international audiovisual business.

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