TBS and Keshet International introduced their coproduction Deep Crime Unit

Deep Crime Unit (DCU), crime series coproduced by TBS and Keshet International, will premier on the TBS’s prime-time on Sundays night at 9pm starting on January 2022. It centers around a fictional organization of the same name, which specializes in underwater investigations and will be the first of several shows that the partners plans to co-produce looking for global expansion.

On a recent online presentation, kick off and meet & greet, TBS (Japan) and Keshet International launched their new collaboration, the crime series Deep Crime Unite (CDU), whose filming is set to begin soon. The virtual event was held for cast and crew linking four countries, including the show’s star, renowned Japanese actor Hiroshi Abe, TBS President Takashi Sasaki, Keshet International CEO Alon Shtruzman, and Anne-Sue Greenberg, creative executive at Facet4 Media (Canada) who all expressed their commitment to the new venture. Deep Crime Unit (DCU) is a 10-episode x 60-minute crime-based procedural based on a concept co-developed by KI and Facet4 Media and a production manual written and created by Ilan Ulmer and Samuel Goldberg.

Sasaki commented: ‘Today marks a highly significant milestone in our new collaboration. When I first learned of the Deep Crime Unit project two years ago, I found the idea of solving crimes through underwater diving excitingly new and fresh. I remember how thrilled I was to hear that this drama is the first of its kind in the world. We have a lot of hard work ahead of us, and I trust that the entire cast and crew will stay healthy and contribute their finest work. COVID-19 has left the whole world feeling lost. It would be wonderful if this drama could give us all a lift, offering a bit of joy to audiences everywhere. It is precisely in times like these that I believe it is important to share great dramas with the world’.

Shtruzman added: ‘I am very emotional about this project. I was part of it from the start and am very excited to see this project happening. I am grateful for the opportunity to do this amazing co-production. Producing in Japan has always been a big objective for Keshet International. For me this production is only the beginning. I admire the talent and capability of the Japanese industry. It is an honor for us as Israelis and Canadians to sell IP to TBS, such a savvy and experienced network. It is also a privilege to co-produce with the biggest and most talented executive producers, and actors in Japan. I miss Japan and want to come back as soon as possible despite COVID. I will meet you at the Red Carpet for the premiere.

Greenberg remarked: ‘Visiting Tokyo for the script meeting was my last trip before the COVID breakout. Seeing the formation of a true international co-production has been wonderful. TBS has been a phenomenal supporter of DCU since the beginning. We are very honored and privileged to be part of this co-production. We are so delighted with the incredible cast and crew that TBS put together. We know this drama will be so successful in Japan. The pleasure of this business also has a lot of challenges of which we have had many over the past 18 months. I cannot wait to come on set to watch this fabulous production come to life’.

Abe concluded: ‘I am inspired by your words and feel even more determined to do my best. I’m thrilled to be able to bring to fruition the plan for this series, which Alon and I first talked about in Tokyo two years ago over yakitori. It’s all coming together just as he promised it would, and I am very happy to have this opportunity to be a part of it. It will be a great honor to appear on prime-time on TBS Sunday night once again, and I will do everything I can to make the show everything it should be. Knowing that this drama will be enjoyed by audiences worldwide, I’m looking forward to the start of filming and will give it my all’.

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