Sony and Claro Video released trailer for Reputación Dudosa

Claro video and Sony Pictures Television (SPT) Latin America released the trailer for the first season of their coproduction Reputación Dudosa, a dark comedy series to be launched on June 30 in Claro Video platform.

Reputación Dudosa tells the story of Luis Arturo “Luisar” López Alcalá. Luisar dies of an apparent heart attack. In addition to being his last love, Julia is the detective in charge of handling the case. Luisar’s spirit still has things to resolve. Accompanied by Luisar’s spirit, Julia will start an investigation that will show a Luisar she never knew; that we all have secrets; that best friends can come from unexpected places and that you may be sleeping with your murderer.

Directed by Álvaro Curiel (Somos), based on an original idea by Luis Fernandez and executive produced by Ana Bond, Nestor Hernández, Luisa Perzabal, Annel Ramo and Alejandro García, Reputación Dudosa stars Marcus Ornellas (Falsa Identidad), Marcela Guirado (Como Sobrevivir Soltero), Sara Corrales (El Señor de los Cielos), Verónica Langer (La Casa de las Flores), Grettell Valdez (Medicos), Claudia Alvarez (Vencer el Desamor), Luz Ramos (Ringo) and Itahisa Machado (Cita a Ciegas).

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