RTVE Play will have a conceptual and technical redesign

RTVE announced that Estrada Design, the studio founded by Manuel Estrada, will manage the redisign of its on-demand content platform RTVE Play, which will seek to capture a greater number of audiences. Launched in July 2021, the service was the evolution of the “RTVE a la carte service”, which today has available programs broadcast by RTVE and RNE, and other exclusive and original ones.

The so-called “RTVE Olay Project” will have community funds from the European Recovery Plan “Next Generation EU”. With this transformation, the public company seeks improvements in its use and customization, as well as international projection. According to data, until April, the platform registered 30.65 million views, including audio and video, distributed among 6.8 million users. It currently has 2 million registered users, below other platforms such as Netffix or Movistar+, taking into account that RTVE Play is free and its competition is paid.

As one of the central points of the change will be the design and conceptualization of the platform, the studio will have to be in charge of creating a new content consumption experience on RTVE Play, devising a navigation scheme and content hierarchy and the integral conception of a content search system, adapted to different navigation devices. The work will be validated through a UX analysis and focus group.

The transformation of the platform will take place over a year and a half. Estrada Design, which has worked with public and private clients such as Repsol, Gas Natural, Ahorro Corporación, Persán, Carmencita, Casa de Alba, GMP or Metrovacesa, will carry out this work for a contract initially valued at 916 thousand euros, which was finally reduced to 864 thousand euros. This amount includes the salary of the designers, in addition to the industrial benefit that the studio will receive.

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