RTP: launches Natural Law at LAVS 2022

RTP is Portugal’s Radio and Television public broadcaster and it is participating for the first time at LA Virtual Screenings, offering three highlighted series to the global market. 


Natural Law (7×45’) is a crime drama produced last year by RTP and Arquipélago Filmes. When a violent crime shakes a small provincial town, a female judge has to decide: to believe in love or in the power of justice. 

Back Home (8×45′) is a dramedy series from SPi and RTP: fifteen years of a marriage, two children, a house they owned and the routine that she used to call “happiness”. Caetano, her husband, just asked the divorce and this will be the first piece of dominoes to fall and will affect them all.

Lastly, the drama Doce (7×45’) about the story of one of the most iconic bands in Portugal: One of Europe’s first girlsband, paving the way in the music industry and breaking down many barriers and prejudices in a traditional society. It was produced by RTP and Santa Rita Filmes.

‘During the last years RTP has strongly invested in the production of high-quality contents that perform successfully both in the internal and in the international market. Our focus has been the production of fiction series in all kid of genres – drama, historical drama, crime, dramady as well as high-quality documentaries’, described Vera Taquenho, business development.

‘International co-productions have also enabled RTP to increase the quality of our series and thus conquer new territories around the world. Today our programs can be viewed all around the world from Asia to North America, from Africa to Europe’, she concluded. 

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