From this fall, Artear International distributes worldwide the catalogue of Polka.

Artear is the company behind Eltrece, one of the main broadcasters of Argentina, and at the same time it drives different Pay TV and OTT channels, as Artear International, and multimedia companies. Artear is part of The Clarin Media Group, which includes the main newspaper of Argentina, Clarin, different radios and Pay TV/OTT operators, as Cablevision, Fibertel, Flow.

Polka is the main fiction producer in Argentina. With 27 years of work in the television and film industry, Polka has managed to install her own style in the different products that creates and produces. The quality of its programs, have made it a true generator of projects both locally (where its contents are broadcast on eltrece) as well as for important networks and television channels from Latin America, USA and Europe.

Some success cases are: the miniseries “Epitafios” (made for the HBO network and nominated for the “International Emmy Awards”) and “The Bronze Garden I and II”; the Argentine, Colombian, Ecuadorian and US Hispanic versions of the multi-award-winning series “Desperate Housewives”; the novel “Valentino, el Argentino”, in co-production with RCN (Colombia); the miniseries “Vientos de agua”, in co-production with Telecinco de España; the sale of the format of the multi-award winning series “Mujeres Asesinas” to the ABC network, as well as to Colombia, Mexico, Ecuador and Italy, which made their own adaptations; the series “Violetta” and “Soy Luna” for Disney Channel Latin America, which became real successes, both in our country and abroad.

Likewise, Polka has a vast and prolific experience in film production, where the film “Son of the Bride” stands out, which achieved international projection by obtaining an Oscar nomination in the category Best Foreign Film.

New series!


Polka began the recordings of ¨La 1-5 / 18¨, Somos uno, his new series for eltrece,
starring Gonzalo Heredia, Agustina Cherri, Esteban Lamothe, with Lali González,
Luciano Cáceres and Romina Gaetani and the special participation of Leonor Manso,
Leticia Brédicey, among other well-known figures.
The series was written by Lily Ann Martin, Jessica Valls and Marcelo Nacci and is
directed by Jorge Nisco and Alejandro Ibáñez.
The story takes place in Villa 1-5 / 18, recently baptized as “La Peñaloza”, where
neighbors of different ages and sexual diversity coexist who, despite being deprived of
some rights and experiencing deprivation, are always willing to collaborate and to fight
for the well-being of the entire community, where Lola (Agustina Cherri) and Rita (Lali
González) manage a community dining room, and distribute donations and help those
in need.
La Peñaloza is experiencing a conflict between two drug gangs that dispute Don Luis
(Patricio Contreras) bar, because it is a strategic place within the town. In the midst of
this situation, his son Bruno (Gonzalo Heredia) returns to the neighborhood, to whom
he intends to inherit the business. Everyone assumes that Don Luis illness is the
reason for his return but they soon discover that he actually did it by escaping from a
gang of criminals and after having stabbed one of them in self-defense.

All Time Successes!


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Miguel Clutterbuck

Senior Comercialización Señales Argentina y Exterior