Onza: telenovelas, series and formats

Onza Distribution (Spain) highlights in LA Virtual Screenings a varied content catalog with several top proposals for Latin American buyers: soap operas from Portugal, entertainment formats and two crime series.


In the first instance, the telenovelas of TVI (Portugal) beginning with Unlimited Love with two seasons (100x’50 each), where a man is arrested for a murder, he did not commit in exchange for a large amount of money he needs. to pay for medical treatment for his mother, which he never receives.

Payback (S1: 110×50’ / S2: 131×50’) tells the story of a Brazilian who is the owner of the Ouro Verde empire, a world leader in the agricultural market. He has just acquired a major stake in a family business run by a powerful Portuguese banker, winning a seat on the institution’s restricted board of directors.

In The Gipsy Heriess (S1: 119×50’ / S2: 201×50’), a woman with a special beauty, light eyes and platinum blonde hair is abandoned and raised by a gypsy family. And in The Pretender (S1: 113×50´ / S2: 175×50’) a plane mysteriously disappears, taking with it the twin sister of a victim of a great millionaire’s scam. As her sister is left for dead, Veronica assumes her identity and swears revenge on the businessman’s family.

In addition, Onza presents its talent format The Celeb Challenge (S1: 8×120′ / S2: 10×120′), a talent contest where eight celebrities must overcome impossible challenges. A coach will help them face challenges each week that will test their physical and mental limits. The winner of the season will receive €30,000 which will be donated to the charity of their choice. The format has been licensed to more than 15 international markets.

Lastly, two series: the criminal thriller Motel Valkirias (8x’50), which is a co-production between CTV and TVG (Spain) and SPI and RTP (Portugal), which started shooting last month and will be ready for 3Q 2022. The distributor confirmed that it will distribute the series worldwide except for Spain and Portugal: in a cross-border motel, the lives of three women with great financial and personal problems intersect by chance when they discover that a motel client transports a very valuable commodity.

And Crimes (S1: 10×50 & S2: 14×50’), a true crime that recounts more than 40 real crimes from the last 10 years. A cocktail of tension and emotions that combines real events with fictional resources.

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