Onza: formats and documentaries at VSWW

Onza Distribution (Spain) continues to bet on Virtual Screenings, attending its third consecutive show with a catalogue composed by drama series, formats and documentaries. 

For VS Worldwide, it offers to global buyers two productions: first, the unscripted format The Celeb Challenge (8x’120) and, second, the documentary Palomares: The Atomic Bomb Fiasco (4x’52). 

Produced by Atresmedia TV in collaboration with 7 y Acción, the format has been sold in 14 territories, including Mexico, Brazil, Russia, Italy, Germany and some Asian countries, among others. Coral Europa will produce it for Portugal, Vincent TV Producties for the Netherlands and Banijay Group in Russia, Italy and Germany. In Spain, the show was broadcast on Antena 3 prime time, having enjoyed an undisputable audience-leading share of 22.4% for its premiere with almost 3.4 million viewers.

The documentary sets in 1966: four thermonuclear bombs with the capacity to cause the largest atomic explosion in the history of humanity fall on a small village in the Mediterranean coast. One of the 4 bombs would not be found for 80 days. 55 years later, Palomares… reconstructs the events of those days for the first time in this uncensured thriller-style documentary series.

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