On Screen was established in 2017 in order to capture the experience of years of work in audiovisual translation focused on subtitles.
With a team of free lance collaborators who work remotely, we manage to perform all kinds of projects to subtitle feature films, series, documentaries, reality shows, talk shows, etc. in different work modes: scheduled deliveries, 24 hrs. rush jobs and day and date to global releases.
Cinema, movies, series and television shows are an art and, as such, the services associated with them should be taken as an art form.
The translation and synchronization of subtitles, as an activity that links an art with its audience, must be carried out as an artistic expression that accompanies, without interfering, the main artistic motive, in such a way that can keep the atmosphere, the drama, the suspense or surprise that the creator wanted to confer on his work.


On Screen provides Hi-Quality localization services for studios, distribution companies, OTT platforms, and content creators worldwide who want to reach LATAM and Brazil audience.

For general enquiries:
Email: mailto:contacto@onscreen.com.ar
Web: onscreen.com.ar/

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Lic. Jose Luis Piragino

E-mail: contacto@onscreen.com.ar

Lic. Natalia Dinoto

Sales Director & Customer Relationship Manager
(54 11) 61670768
E-mail: sales@onscreen.com.ar