NTV: Russian drama takes the global scene

NTV Broadcasting (Russia) is participating for third time in a row of Virtual Screenings Worldwide, offering a great selection of top dramas produced for the local market that are gaining the international buyers’ attention. 


With Surgical Precision (20x’48) is a crime and medical drama about a talented doctor and a passionate person, and his methods are both outrageous and admirable. He returns to his hometown and gets a job at a local hospital. Right away, he faces a serious test to operate a patient with a severe brain injury. He saves the girl, but, when transferred to the nearby regional hospital, she dies under suspicious circumstances. 

Produced by Timur Weinstein and Yulia Sumacheva, Beyond Death (S1-2: 32x’48) is a thriller on it second season, where the audience will sew the two main characters going through unprecedented personal dramas. The Chief Investigator Gleb Tochilin and the neuroscientist Yulia Demina are reunited to deal with more eerie and complex crimes. These now include a double homicide committed by a person who has a perfect alibi, a plane crash that leaves Yulia’s father on the brink of death, and a traffic accident with a victim who has seven distinct tattoos with dates of interconnected crimes, one of which is in the future.

Watch more of these series on NTV VSWW booth:


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