Media IM: trio of animated series at VSWW

Media IM is a London based international content distribution company, specialised in selling top quality programming with the focus on family entertainment and animation. Covering sales to both linear and non-linear channels and platforms, the company catalogue includes all types of digital media, and are active in finding product licensing partners for our animation brands. 

Irina Nazarenko, Joint Managing Director, and Maria Ufland, co-founded, Media IM, explain: ‘We have entered both, VS Worldwide and MIPCOM, with one of our strongest shows Sunny Bunnies, which already has its global audience and fans. With continuing focus on North America, Europe, Latin America and South East Asia: we hope to further expand the popularity of the series in these regions across TV and digital. It is a very positive and happy show which makes kids laugh out loud and non-dialog nature of the programe makes it travel easily across borders’.

‘At MIP, we are presenting six episodes of the new spin-off show called Sunny Bunnies Sing-Along that will feature some of the most beloved and familiar children’s songs dedicated to Sunny Bunnies characters. This will be followed by a production of further 26 episodes. Another programme, Flying Animals, will also be featured at MIP and we hope to find more partnership internationally for this show with a unique charitable nature’, they add. 

 Sunny Bunnies shows five beaming balls of light that can appear anywhere there is a light source, bringing fun and happiness everywhere they go. However, each time they appear their actions turn into a mischievous game. With characters full of joy and any dull matter, they happen to come across is turned into an exciting game, and any place they happen to be at into a playground. Playing is what they do best. 

Sunny Bunnies Sing-Along is a brand-new spin-off show to get the whole family singing. For the first time, the hugely popular pre-school series ‘Sunny Bunnies’ present a music-based show of classic children’s songs to sing along to.  Each of the five Bunnies have their own special songs, plus an original song which features the whole gang – all with new, fun lyrics to follow and sing-along to.

 Lastly, Flying Animals, a fantasy comedy series aimed at children aged six and elder. The storylines centre on a country of musical animals, who are given wings to reward them for their courage in trying to change their lives for the better. It tells the story of the Light Country: the people and animals of the country have wings, but they can only fly when they are truly happy.


Watch more of these series on Media IM VSWW booth:


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