LaFlia is an audiovisual content producer created and led by Marcelo Tinelli and based in Argentina.

The company specializes in the development and comprehensive production of its own content for television and third-party formats. In addition, it offers post-production, advisory and business plan planning services. He also carries out development of digital content and planning of digital marketing strategies, generation and administration of content in social networks.

In Argentina, LaFlia has the most important asset: the affective bond with the public, an audience that has been expanding over the years. The production company will continue to grow constantly, incorporating new family members (viewers, collaborators, stars) and generating new content to cheer and entertain people.


In February 2018, he created the production company La Flia Contenidos


The Fashion House

Synopsis: With four seasons broadcasted in Argentina, LaFlia presents the format: “Corte y Confección” (120 commercial minutes). A fashion reality show where different amateur designers compete for being the best. The format is an original creation of LaFlia Content, and its initial season debuted on Free-TV in Argentina in 2019, on “eltrece” channel. Throughout the show, amateur designers will have the opportunity to learn from experts invited by the show's production and demonstrate their skills as apparel makers. The program is broadcast in a daily format, where they will face different tests to demonstrate and discover different techniques and creative processes, and in each of these, the participants will be evaluated.

Super Super

Synopsis: Super Super, is an entertainment program that takes the viewer to play at the supermarket. Two teams will face each other, dodging different challenges, putting speed, cunning and intelligence to the test. The idea of ​​the game is to gain time in each of the tests to accumulate them in the final challenge, in which the teams must spend the seconds they accumulated in all the previous games making what they believe will be the most expensive purchase. Once they bring in their full carts, the repositories scan all the products. The sum of each of them is revealed by the driver.


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Federico Facello