What is Virtual Screenings about?
Virtual Screenings is the first major International online venue devoted to the television and streaming Content Industry through a digital online platform. It is focused on connecting the worldwide content producers and distributors with programming buyers from TV networks, streaming services, digital video platforms and other audiovisual media around the world. Virtual Screenings allows buyers to have access to content screenings by the main distributors of the international market, allowing to select programming from the top sources without traveling. It also freatures smart digital tools to generate and enhanced business experience through one-to-one absolutely private meetings between content providers and content buyers.

When was Virtual Screenings started?
First Virtual Screenings edition has been held in May 2020 as the official online venue replacing of LA Screenings 2020. It immediately became a huge worldwide success, with +4000 participants from 101 countries, 628 cities, +1,300 buyers, +56,000 virtual booth visits and 7,000 screenings. This success turned it into one of the top events of the content industry, with +50 exhibitors and +250 hours of new content to screen.
Second Virtual Screenings edition, branded VS Autumn, took place on September 14-25, 2020, once again gathering +4,000 participants with +1,500 buyers from 125 countries. The third was held on May 11-20 as LA Virtual Screenings, received +4300 visitors from 125 countries, including +1560 buyers and registered +10,000 screenings. And the fourth on September 21-30, 2021, targeting again +5000 worldwide buyers, comprising all genres and types of content. I

The new edition
Taking place on June 7-16, 2022, LA Virtual Screenings is expected to achieve even broader success this time, considering the highly positive experience coming from of the first four editions and the updates, improvements and developments to be introduced at this venue.

How does VS work?
Virtual Screenings 2022 will provide an absolutely friendly environment: buyers having registered themselves for free at any time, gain access to the VS home digital platform, which is divided in five sections: VS Market (virtual marketplace), VS Next (Panels & Sessions), VS Data (Rankings & Stats), VS Billboard (Highlighted Programming) and VS News (Daily Report & Market News). At the initial VS Market section, by clicking on the exhibitors’ logos visitors can access trailers or complete episodes of the contents being highlighted, along with company information and a place to both interact and arrange one-to-one meetings with the content providers.

How is the content offering organized?
The exhibitors are divided in three levels, according to the location in the exhibition area and the volume of product being screened. There is also a section for services and production companies that don’t screen content but display information and videos and are equally accessible to the visitor.

Which are the main Virtual Screenings sections?
Virtual Screenings provides with:
1) The virtual workplace to view screenings, interact with the market and get specific information according to the visitor’s interests.
2) The social interaction area of the venue, located at a top place of the virtual workplace, providing market news, important reports, researches and interviews.
3) A Daily Newsletter, released every market day, with news and updates on the event day by day, including top visited sites, top screened products, market and content genre trends, buyer surveys, interviews and much more.

Who is exhibiting
The Virtual Screenings editions featured +60 exhibitors including the US Majors Disney, Paramount, WarnerMedia, Banijay, all3media, eOne, Globo, Televisa, TV Azteca, Kanal D, Global Agency, Dorimedia, Alfred Haber, ZDF Enterprises, Gaumont, RTVE, Atresmedia, Mediterráneo Mediaset España Group, Deutsche Welle, TBS, Nippon TV, Caracol, RCN, GoQuest, SIC, Unifrance, Cineflix, Insight TV, among many more.

What extra value do participants receive?
The digital platform has developed very useful digital tools and services: a browser for automated selections by genre, origin, tittle, company; real time stats; daily rankings of most viewed contents; buyer chats and interviews; market figures. Special virtual events and buyer videos are also showcased. A main billboard highlighting select content and spread leads is available at the home page. Another remarkable feature is the availability of full analytics data that allows to get unique information about the sites, screened videos and content trends.

What improvements are provided at Virtual Screenings Autumn?
Improvements and updates include a fully renovated modular design, in order to enhance the user’s experience and make everything readily available; private spaces for buyers and exhibitors to interact inside the virtual booths; an area for industry panels and testimonies, providing more than 25 news and commentary pieces being released daily in the market; analytics of participant behavior; a new area for exhibitor news during the market. And much more!

What new services do buyers receive?
Buyers have access to exclusive recommendations and connections with distributors according to their programming needs; Selections and rankings of distributors per regions or per product genres; Market reports, data, stats, and strategic information; during VS 2022, daily reports about the top sites and top screened products, to allow better decisions; virtual meetings with suggested distributors during the market; ‘On demand’ services: buyers needs are complimented on an individual, personal basis.

What are the unique Virtual Screenings values ?
Virtual Screenings is what an exhibitor or buyers expects from a valuable experience: strong worldwide traffic, a very simple system, a story that evolves everyday with the daily rankings and full analytics at every step, helping to understand and enhance business. Being an online, cross exhibitor market, it lets buyers compare the content being offered, save time and seize fresh opportunities.

Who organizes Virtual Screenings?
With a 47-year experience in trade business, EDITORIAL PRENSARIO SRL is one of the most traditional publishing companies of the audiovisual world content market, in business since 1973 and offering PRENSARIO INTERNATIONAL from 1985. It attends the global content market venues since the early Nineties, has turned into a major reference for market trends, stats and very qualified information. In the last decade it started offering a complete service platform: consulting services, trends and data, and much more. In 2020 launched Virtual Screenings to efficiently serve strong market needs due to the Pandemic situation.

Who are Partners at Virtual Screenings?
The LA Virtual Screenings editions were co-organized with NATPE.
EDITORIAL PRENSARIO SRL partnered with NATPE and Events TM for its first May 2020 edition, due to the urgent need to offer a virtual alternative to the LA Screenings, cancelled due to the Pandemic. For VS Autumn, LA Virtual Screenings and VS Worldwide the show has a wide spread of partners including trend-setting consultancy companies like OMDIA, K7 Media, 3Visions, Newzoo, Parrot Analytics, Whip Media, Kids Corp. and H.Consult, as well as market organizers ATF, Conecta FICTION, DICM, Kiev Media Week, NextTV entities like FRAPA, WAWA, Ci Edutainment, Program Buyers. Media partners are TBI, Newsline Report, Broadcaster, TVMAS, TVPY, Audiovisual 451 and FormatBiz.

Contact addresses?
Content buyers interested in participating at LA Virtual Screenings, should register for free here:
To obtain information on exhibiting, contact: or
To obtain more information on special buyers services, contact: