Kanal D: Three Sisters, from Turkey to the world

Three Sisters is the leading Tuesday night drama in the Turkish TV market and Kanal D International (KDI)’s main bet for the global market at LA Virtual Screenings 2022.


Produced by Süreç Film for Kanal D, the series premiered last February: it is a family drama adapted from the best-seller by renowned Turkish author İclal Aydın, which has become the leading Mars drama in the television market of Turkey.

Set in the late 1990s in a cozy seaside village in northwestern Turkey, the story of three Türkan sisters, Dönüş and Derya, has managed to touch the inside of every woman. Because of this human touch, the premium drama was featured as “Turkish women’s first choice” for two weeks in a row.

Other featured Premium titles for LAVS are three romantic comedies: Twist of Fate (43x’58), about the story of a superstitious girl who believes that if she can’t marry her first love, she will be cursed for life; Receipe of Love (41x’43), about the story of two people with contrasting backgrounds who cross paths; and Love Trap (136x’41), about the love story of the son of a wealthy family that owns a textile empire in Istanbul and a working-class girl in the company’s factory.

Starring Timuçin Esen, the infamous infectious disease and nephrology doctor cures extraordinary cases by administering distinctive methods with his team of three in Hekimoglu (157x’44), the Turkish adaptation of House M.D, voted “Best Remake in the History of Turkish television” by The Observers.

Last but not least, Ruthless City (136x’46) where the paths of two families cross through a deal between a man and a woman. Members of both sides will be tested for their sins that they are not even aware of.

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