GlowStar Media: A moment of expansion of its core-business

GlowStar Media, the boutique distributor headed by Silvana D’Angelo is living a moment of expansion in the area of ​​original projects, according to the executive, they are working in numerous developments jointly with creators and producers, and also focused on the distribution business.

‘Personally, I am very involved with what I believe for some years, taht has been leading the demand for content and that is through originals, and in that sense we were able to foresee this new trend 4 years ago, that would take place with the multiplication of digital players as has happened in an explosive way in the last 2 years. Today we have more than 20 projects with solid developments and we are searching opportunities in the international market. In addition to the 5 that we have already chosen, and one of them has already been produced, such as La Suerte de Loli on Telemundo, as well as the Mexican version of La Chica que Limpia, which although it is a remake, from which the Original version has been secured for the region, HBO has treated it as an original. The new audiovisual platforms have opened up new opportunities for content creators and the original production will always be the one that differentiates them and achieves the loyalty of audiences in different regions’, expressed.


As for the most recent agreements, D’Angelo announced two new original projects: Giraldo, by Juan Manuel Carreño, based on the story of the famous seer of famous artists and politicians who died mysteriously in the Mexican jungle in the lands of the Indians. Choles, and Alma de Gallo, by Stephan Succar Conroy, a thriller that also occurs in Mexico, as a result of the investigation of a series of inexplicable disappearances that occur in a town. ‘These are two highly innovative and differential projects of Mexican origin, which we seek to incorporate into our portfolio. We also have ready the development of Las Malqueridas, a dramedy with black humor created by Ana Cecilia Alvarado and a book by Cecilia Guerty, about three completely opposite women from different generations and social classes who will meet due to unexpected circumstances in a small town in Mexico where they begin an exciting and unforgettable adventure.


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