Globo: Remake of Pantanal dominates the audience in Brazil

Pantanal, the remake of the Globo classic, which is part of the company’s international catalog, has been consolidating itself as a public and audience phenomenon in Brazil.

Inspired by the center-west of Brazil, the series was written more than 30 years ago by Benedito Ruy Barbosa. The plot, a classic family saga, got a new version written by the author’s grandson, Bruno Luperi, and once again has romance as the common thread and nature as the protagonist.

‘The new version of Pantanal is already a true phenomenon. The expectations for the projection in Brazil were exceeded and this is demonstrated by the telenovela’s performance data since its launch. The good thing is that the story crossed the borders of open TV and became a success on Globoplay and social networks, especially among young people, which reinforces the relevance of the format and the adherence of the title to the most diverse audience profiles’ said Raphael Corrêa Netto, Director of International Business at Globo.

Broadcasted since March in the primetime of Brazil’s Free TV, the telenovela is currently the program with the largest audience in the country, reaching more than 140 million people, which means, more than half of the Brazilian population and conquering different types of audience, even young.

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