Globo received four nominations to Emmy Awards 2021

Telenovela A Mother’s Love, Original Globoplay series All the Women in the World and two other super productions of the company are competing for the award. 

The International Academy of Television Arts and Sciences announced the 2021 International Emmy Awards nominees, where Brazilian giant Globo is competing in four categories: “Best Telenovela” with A Mother’s Love, “Film / Miniseries for TV” with the Original Globoplay series All the Women in the World’; “Short Form Series” with Diário de um Confinado and “Documentary” with Sieged, Original Globoplay produced by Globo’s Journalism. The winners will be made known on November 22nd.

A Mother’s Love’ premiered in Brazil in November 2019, was interrupted in March 2020 due to the Covid-19 pandemic, and returned in March of this year in Brazilian territory, almost a year after its paralysis. The plot deals with love and about the choices made in borderline situations. With motherhood as its main theme, the work tells the story of Lurdes (Regina Casé), Thelma (Adriana Esteves) and Vitoria (Taís Araujo), women who lived the plenitude of motherhood and who, despite of the differences that separate them, have their lives intertwined by their children’s destinies. The telenovela, which competes with productions from China, Singapore and Portugal, in the “Best Telenovela” category, premiered recently in Uruguay, through Teledoce.

All the Women in the World is competing, a romantic comedy that, on each episode, tells a story of love lived by Paulo (Emilio Dantas), a resident architect of Rio de Janeiro. The production, a tribute to the work of dramaturgist Domingos Oliveira, brings philosophical reflections on life, love and death with a smart and refined humor, remarkable features of Domingos’ universe. In addition to Emilio  Dantas, Sophie Charlotte, Matheus Nachtergaele, Martha Nowill, Maria Ribeiro, Lilia Cabral, Fabio Assunção, among other names are in the cast. The series, which premiered in April 2020 in Globoplay, is competing with productions from Norway, United Kingdom and South Korea.

Diário de um Confinado is competing with episodes from the first season with works from Lebanon, Spain and New Zealand. Created and produced during the pandemic by artistic director Joana Jabace, and by actor, Bruno Mazzeo, it has a humorous chronicle of Murilo’s (Bruno Mazzeo) daily life, a man locked in his apartment, during social isolation imposed by Covid-19. Produced entirely remotely by the staff of Globo Studios, it premiered in June 2020 in Globoplay in Brazil. 

Sieged shows the challenges of the press coverage during the first year of the Covid-19 pandemic in Brazil. They are records of overcrowded hospitals, cemeteries going on the verge of collapse, shift in the press department of the Palacio da Alvorada (Residence of the President of the Republic), in addition to agenda meetings of the country’s major communications media. The documentary, whic was chosen in April of this year for the Canadian festival, HotDocs, was launched in December 2020 and it is available in Globoplay in Brazil. The work is competing in the “Documentary” category with productions from Thailand, the Netherlands and Canada.

Globo was awarded eight times for “Best Telenovela”, with India: A Love Story (2009), Blood Ties, co-production with SIC, aired in Portugal (2011), The Illusionist  (2012), Side by Side (2013), Precious Pearl (2014), Empire (2015), Hidden Truth (2016) and Orphans of a Nation (2020). In 2011, Jornal Nacional ran away with the Emmy for Journalism in the “News” category, with the coverage of the resumption of the Alemão slum complex by the Rio de Janeiro security forces. The Invisible Woman (2012) and Sweet Mother (2015) won in the “Best Comedy” category. Fernanda Montenegro received the award in 2013 as “Best Actress” for her role in Sweet Mother. Globo also received the “Best Series” award in the 2018 International Emmy Kids, with Young Hearts – Embrace Diversity.

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