Flixxo: short form, disruptive stories

Flixxo (Argentina) is the first gamified video platform for “microseries”, short form content that perfectly applies for the mobile nowadays consumption. Boosted by its own cryptocurrency called flixx, the company offers a variety of rewards for video consumers and a steady and transparent monetization model for independent content creators. 

‘We focus on building a bridge between innovative and fresh narratives, younger and curious audiences and major industry players. No subscription or credit card required, no long-term commitment, tons of entertainment’, initiates its CEO, Adrián Garelik, who is participating of VS Worldwide

With a brand-new team, Martina Turano, Marketing & Operations, Marcos Melo, Associate VP of Distribution, Pedro Levati, Senior Content Acquisitions, and Sergio Sosa, VP of Content, Flixxo attends the show not only looking for programming for its platform, but also to globally distribute its catalogue. 

‘We are a video platform and production studio with strong focus on technical innovation and new formats. In the current landscape, OTTs are facing some problems: most of them rely on subscription models that leave out a huge portion of the younger audiences; also, since the operation is huge, long-term engagement on those users is extremely challenging’, describes Sosa.

On the other hand, platforms focusing on more independent content make really hard for content creators to actually monetize. While they are free to the public, they depend on invasive ads that are forced into the users: ‘Flixxo introduces a new way of monetization and distribution model perfect for younger audiences, called G-VOD (Gamified Video on Demand): we reward our users for their social interactions within the platform with flixx’, underlines Sosa. 

‘Users obtain credits to watch videos in a fun and interactive way. People can watch ads whenever they feel liked and get pay by those advertisers for they time and attention. They can also complete different challenges: if you watch a full season series or recommend an unboxing video to a friend, you get a reward. With those credits, they watch videos and pay to content creators directly’, he adds.

Since the platform uses blockchain technology, payments are done instantly and in transparent way. ‘Even though users do not spend their money or implement any credit card, content creators still monetize every single time their videos are watch. Everyone wins’, concludes Sosa.

Two short-form series are being promoted at VSWW: first, the comedy Backstage (5x’11), co-produced with Media Attack (Spain): Ivana and her not-so-bright film crew have one goal: to film and release their series, “USS Vagina: Survival Mission”. Their dream seems to come true when the giant video platform “Flix Prime” decides to join the project … or at least that’s what they believe.

And Movies In Real Life (8x’12), made by the largest Spanish-language film channel, ZEPFilms in co-production with Flixxo. One trip. 101 locations. Nicolás Amelio-Ortiz and his crew visit the most famous movie locations and share with us all their secrets. In this first season they travel to Los Angeles and leave no stone un- turned, showing us the most emblematic places of films such as Kill Bill, Back to the Future, Forrest Gump among many others. 

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