Estonia, Serbia, Czech Republic met at GoQuest

Building on its widespread success placing local content across markets in Asia, MENA, and CEE, GoQuest Media (India) has evolved into a frontrunner in the global entertainment landscape specializing in the distribution of drama and scripted formats from markets across the world. 


On a new participation at LA Virtual Screenings, the company presents its brand-new series Secrets of the Grapevine (72x’50 S1&2) from Telekom Srbija and Met Ro Productions. It tells the incredible history of two wine-making families- the Tomovics and Smiljanics. The intimate saga of the feuding families is rapt with devastating secrets, long lost love and heartbreak. 

The premiere on Serbia’s largest IPTV platform Telekom Srbija’s mts TV was watched by 37.62% of the total TV-watching households in the country. It played on primetime, 9 pm from Monday to Friday every week: S1 averaged a 31% share of TV-watching households during its run across 36 episodes from Jan-Feb, 2021. Season 2 is currently on air. The show also had a high AMR rating of 22% for the 1st season. Secrets of the Grapevine also streamed on Superstar TV, averaging 6% of streaming viewership across S1.

From ERR Estonia and Zolba Productions, Still Waters (8×30′) premiered on ETV on June 2021 and was watched by 19.45% of all TV viewers. The series has an IMDB rating of 7/10 scoring highly with the 18-29 demographic across men and women, and   highly with women in the 30-44 and 45+ category. Upon arriving at a new bilingual school far from the capital city, a teenage girl from an ethnic minority background finds herself blackmailed when someone launches an online smearing campaign against her. As the events spiral into maddening terror threatening to destroy her fragile friendships and new stepfamily, she is forced to fight back with all means necessary.

Second title from ERR Estonia and Kassikuld OU is Traitor (6×58’): in March 2004, when Estonia joins NATO and becomes a top target for the Russian intelligence, prompted by umbrage, an official at the Estonian Ministry of Defence turns into a Russian spy. The series was showcased as part of Serial Killer’s festival program at Berlinale Film Festival 2020.  Nominated for Best TV drama at EFTA (Estonian Film and TV Awards) 2020.

Third title, from the same producers, is Divorce in Peace (20×28′) with Aksel and Laura that have been married for 20 years. Aksel is a whining conservative- confused, indecisive and lazy, while Laura is a liberal entrepreneur, confident, ambitious, and running the show at home. S1, including re-runs, were seen by 40.5% of all Estonian TV viewers on the national pubcaster ETV. Broadcast at 8pm on Friday evenings, it was one of the most successful programs in Estonia during November and December 2019.

Another two classical series from Serbia are Civil Servant (24×50′ S1&2), from Telekom Srbija and Film Danas, where a young, ambitious Serbian Secret Service (BIA) agent, Lazar Stanojević is negotiating the rules of the international spy game in the 21st century. It was aired at 9 pm Sunday night primetime on Superstar TV, Serbia’s number one Pay TV channel. Premiere was viewed by 20% of the Serbian population and was the most-watched program in its time slot across all channels. Viewership in the 18-49 urban demographic shot up by 85% for Superstar TV during the life of the series.

And Debt to the Sea (11×50′), from the telco with Monte Royale Pictures International. The arrival of a mysterious stranger triggers an unstoppable wave of events for the unsettled inhabitants of a beautiful but deadly Montenegro coastal village. Fractured families, old friends and young lovers are forced to find answers in their tragic pasts and uncertain futures. S1 aired at 8pm on Monday night primetime on RTS achieving an average reach of 1.46 million per episode performing very strongly with the 18-49 demographic with a 20% average share. Also, on Sunday at 9pm it is broadcast on Superstar TV, showing the highest performing series for female audience- 54% for a TV series. 

Lastly, Rats (6×50′) from Heaven’s Gate, Barletta Productions in association with Czech TV and MD4: aired at Sunday 8pm, primetime on national pubcaster and ranked #1 in the timeslot beating Czech Got Talent. It has achieved a total reach of 2.6 million households, over 20% of the Czech population. 

And Mother’s Choice (16X45′) from Artform Productions for Starlight Media (Ukraine). It is Ukrainian adaptation of one of the most exported formats out of Asia- Nippon TV’s Mother, also adapted in 8 territories globally. 

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