Caracol TV: brand new and classical stories

Caracol Television has enjoined a good year, regarding markets conquered. Its super production Ana’s Revenge will competed against productions from all continents in the categories of Best Drama Series at the 2021 Seoul Drama Awards, whom winner will be announced next October 21st.

Jesus Iriepar, Caracol Television Sales Executive for Asia, Eastern Europe, and the Middle East, underlined: ‘This nomination of Ana’s Revenge is the result of an ingenious plot of revenge and love. A production that exhibits the stamp of Caracol Television and which captivated mass audiences in every country where it can be enjoyed’.

At Virtual Screenings Worldwide, the company presents its new line-up of international titles, the first one: Ivana and the music guardians, a new music series that follows Ivana and Coral, two orphan girls from a family of musicians, who seek to break through in the music industry. In addition, Caracol Television presents a new version of its clasis story Newly Rich, Newly Poor, that portray Brayan and Andrés, two men whose life changed drastically when they were switched at birth in the hospital when they were born. 

Also Pedro, The Great, about Pedro Coral who was forced to leave his town escaping from a sure death. The man start a new life in a new town working as a driver in a company and falls in love with his boss’s secretary. The series had three international versions in Mexico, Portugal, and France.

And to finalize, at formats side, the company highlights The Challenge, The Box, a contest show in the middle of the jungle and the Andes mountains, where the participants had to show how stronger, smarter and courageous are.

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