Caja de Ruidos: more key services for Majors

Caja de Ruido, a dubbing and localization company based in Buenos Aires (Argentina), is coming off a great 2021 and forecasts a better 2022 with new agreements with major companies in the region and the world for dubbing, subtitling and localization services, among others.

To the two key news of last year, that Netflix chose him as one of its “dubbing partners” in Latin America, and the creative direction of Paramount+ promotions for Chile, they added that Amazon Prime Video selected him for the dubbing of the new original series by Juan José Campanella, Lightyears with Argentine actresses Julieta Zylberberg and Roció Hernández; the production of dubbing in Portuguese of series from Turkey for HBO Max Brazil and a new TPN certificate from NBCUniversal.

Ezequiel Lachman, CEO: ‘Having been selected by Netflix to contribute our creativity for location services within the NP3 program (https://np3.netflixstudios.com/v/caja-de-ruidos) was a key point for our expansion. Being part of its ecosystem allows us to suggest ideas and new creative proposals giving value to the brand and its contents.

And he added: ‘We are also part of the “Trusted Partner Network” (TPN), with the novelty this year of integration with NBCUniversal, which demonstrates its commitment to the security of all pre-release content worked on. We offer localization and post-production services from our studios in Buenos Aires, Chile, Venezuela and Mexico, safely and in compliance with the highest quality and safety standards endorsed by the Motion Picture Association (MPA)’.

In terms of production, the ‘versatility’ of the staff of voices and resources allows Caja de Ruidos to produce regional content using the best talent from across the continent and this, according to Lachman, is demonstrated in hundreds of hours of Turkish dramas that have been released all the screens of Latin America.

‘As for the on-air promotion sector, we are in charge of the creative direction of dialogues for Paramount + Chile and its launch in this country. In video games, we continue to be at the forefront with games such as PlayStation’s Little Bug Planet, Blizzard’s Diablo IV, Konami’s eFootball, Square Enix’s Outriders, among other great titles that are played on consoles across the continent’, the executive stressed.

This year, Caja de Ruidos plans to complete the construction of its new 10,000-square-meter facilities in the Argentine capital, which will allow it to become one of the “strongest” post-production companies in the region, offering these services.

Lachman concluded: ‘We will have more than 20 audio and image studios approved by TPN and Dolby for the comprehensive realization of the post-production chain of all audiovisual content. We want to be at the forefront of localization, color and VFX correction, sound design and production for new premium content generated in the region’, concluded Lachman. 

in America.

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