Audiovisual from Spain: Spain shines in LAVS

Three Spanish companies are participating in this edition of LA Virtual Screenings: the broadcasters RTVE and Atresmedia and Onza Distribution.


Peace Force (8×60′) is the new military drama produced by RTVE and Alea Media with the story of Sergeant Elgueta on a UN peacekeeping mission in Africa, who receives a strange call from First Sergeant Hugo Kings, her boyfriend. He later receives the news that he has committed suicide. Paula knows that this is false: he has been murdered. Facing everyone, she decides to find out what truth his death hides. The series is directed by Mar Olid and Jorge Saavedra.

Atresmedia presents a dramatic line-up led by Heridas, the Spanish production based on the Nippon TV series Mother (Japan). It is followed by Cardo, La Edad de la Ira, two series with powerful, current and impressive stories that were successful in Spain; the comedies Señor Dame Patience and Dos Años y un Dia; and the reboots and new seasons of Paco’s Men, Los Protegidos, Physics or Chemistry, and El Internado.

Onza Distribution highlights four telenovelas from TVI (Portugal), Unlimited Love with two seasons (100x’50’ each), Payback (S1: 110×50′ / S2: 131×50′), The Gipsy Heriess (S1: 119×50′ / S2 : 201×50′) and The Pretender (113×50′ / S2: 175×50′); the talent format The Celeb Challenge (8x’120), where eight celebrities must overcome impossible challenges and which was licensed to more than 15 markets; and two series: the criminal thriller Motel Valkirias (8x’50), a co-production between CTV and TV Galicia (Spain) and SPI and RTP (Portugal), which started shooting last month and will be ready for Q3 2022, and Crimes ( S1: 10×50 / S2: 14×50), which recounts more than 40 true crimes from the last 10 years.

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