Atresmedia TV: new stories from all genres

Atresmedia TV attends again VS Worldwide with its brand-new season lineup, showing a stronger diversification and number or titles. Among them, globally renowned series such sus Las Cumbreas Boarding School or new seasons from Paco’s Men and A Normal Family: The Return.

Available worldwide through Amazon Prime Video, Las Cumbres Boarding School (8x’50) is about a school located in an old monastery between cliffs and mountains, which location is an impenetrable fortress ruled by strict discipline to redirect the problematic students where a group of students dream of escaping, but the surrounding woods are even more dangerous.

Produced by Atresmedia TV and The Mediapro Studio, Paco’s men (15x’50) is focused on a group of police officers in San Antonio, a fictitious neighborhood in Madrid, originally following a trio of clumsy yet good-hearted police agents: Paco, Mariano and Lucas, overseen by Don Lorenzo Castro Riquelme. 

Also, A Normal Family: The Reurn (4x’60), an Atresmedia TV production in collaboration with Buendía Estudios and Boomerang TV, shows a new season of the success first part, which follows a group of people pose as a family, the Castillo Rey, in order to flee from a strange organization that seeks them called the Elephant Clan. The reason is none other than the supernatural powers of many of its members. 

Last but not least, two comedies: By Ana MIlán (S1: 8x’30) based on the real life of the actress Ana Milan, taking as a common thread the most famous anecdotes shared on her social network. And People Talking (S1: 6x’10 S2: 6x’10) that deals with universal subjects through conversations between two characters. 

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